Our specially built, handmade, crystal clear acrylic Outworlds! Guaranteed to be 100% escape proof! What is an Outworld? An Outworld is the designated space for an ant colony to forage for food, and dispose of their garbage. An essential component for the successful keeping of ants!

Current Available Range



  • Assembled and Glued
  • 3 mm Cast Acrylic
  • Length - 130 mm
  • Width - 105 mm
  • Height - 135 mm
  • Conection - 13 mm tube (10 mm internal)


  • Assembled and Glued
  • 3 mm Cast Acrylic
  • Length - 180 mm
  • Width - 150 mm
  • Height - 170 mm
  • Connection - 13 mm tube (10 mm internal)


  • Assembled and Glued
  • 4.5 mm Cast Acrylic
  • Length - 255 mm
  • Width - 200 mm
  • Height - 235 mm
  • Connection - 13 mm tube (10 mm internal)



Our outworlds are designed to offer ant keepers a crystal-clear view of their ants within. Because the acrylic slides we use are completely flat, instead of curved, there is no visual distortion when observing all the action within! 


All our outworlds are designed and hand finished with precision and are vigorously inspected for defects. We pride ourselves in offering a product which is not only extremely effective for the keeping of ants, but is also highly practical and aesthetically pleasing! 

Speaking of aesthetics, to make our outworlds look even better, we recommend decorating them with some sand or soil, rocks, sticks, and even some live plants, converting your outworld into a terrarium! You’re only limited by your imagination! 

If you want to do a re-scape or clean the outworld later on, it can easily be detached, washed under warm water, and reused. Our outworlds are built to last!

One of our medium sized outworlds which has been converted into a vivarium!

One of our medium sized outworlds which has been converted into a vivarium!


We start out with a flat, clear sheet of cast acrylic, then using a high powered CO2 laser cutter, we cut out all the required components. These components are then assembled, locking together like a jigsaw, and with the application of some super durable glue, are permanently bound together. Resulting in an extremely secure and sturdy construction. Finally, all the sharp edges are rounded to ensure a safe, smooth finish.


Our specially designed 3D printed entrance ports are then bolted onto the base. Allowing the ants to enter the outworld from below, as they would in nature! The entrance ports are designed to firmly holster our standard sized vinyl tubing connectors (10mm internal – 13mm external), and are matched to the same height as our Ytong and Acrylic Nests, making connecting the two together a breeze.


Finally, an adjustable sliding lid is fixed on top of the outworlds. The sliding lid is designed to compensate for the material’s natural, and inevitable tendency, to cup over time due to moisture or temperature fluctuations - which would have previously allowed ants to escape, but not any more! The lid also features hundreds of tiny breathing holes, providing the ants with ample ventilation, whilst remaining 100% escape proof. The lid can be loosened or tightened by adjusting the screws with an allen key (which comes included with each outworld). This sliding lid is bordered by a fixed panel. We advise applying a slippery barrier (like fluon/PTFE, vegetable oil or Vaseline) on its underside. This will prevent the opportunity for ants to escape upon the opening of the lid.

Our outworlds come in 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large. All of which are designed to match our corresponding Ytong and Acrylic nest sizes. Although, typically when it comes to outworlds, the more space you provide ants to forage in, the better!


To see our outworlds in use, we highly recommend watching this video below.