Here at Aus Ants we have been successfully keeping ants for many years. One look at our YouTube channel ‘Ants Australia’ and it's clear we know what we’re talking about. We have poured all of our knowledge and ant keeping experience into designing, producing, then testing hundreds of nests. Now, we are proud to be able to offer an extensive range of high quality products to satisfy both enthusiasts and professional ant keepers alike. All our products are designed and manufactured by us, right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Ytong is by far the most suitable material for ants to live in on a long term basis. Ytong has a long list of benefits over other types of nests. Just a few of these are; stable nest humidity, insultive properties that help to prevent rapid temperature fluctuations (like living underground in the wild would do), to the surface of the material being easy for any type of ant to grip or larvae to spin cocoons on and many more....

Acrylic nests still have some advantages over the Ytong nests. Such as once assembled, they are extremely securely. This makes them a great choice for tiny ant species which may be able to squeeze through the lids of ytong, plaster or resin nest designs (such as Monomorium spp. and Meranoplus spp.). Plus, the robust nature of acrylic allows it to be infinitely reused many times over. Simple to disassemble, clean, dry, reassemble, and it’s ready to house ants once again!


Outworlds / foraging arenas

Our specially build, handmade, crystal clear acrylic Outworlds! Guaranteed to be 100% escape proof! What is an Outworld? An Outworld is the designated space for an ant colony to forage for food, and dispose of their garbage. An essential component for the successful keeping of ants. AVAILABLE in 3 difference sizes.