After a variation on our current range of formicaria? Or perhaps a uniquely designed “Mega Nest”? Or maybe a specialized build for public display? With our years of experience, and access to state of the art equipment, we are more than up for the challenge!


A collaboration piece with an avid Australian based designer and artist, Katie Westle at Kuku Design. Hosted by the 2019 'Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

A custom designed acrylic ant farm we built for 'Ant Invasion'; a fellow Aussie ant enthusiast and YouTuber! Click the image above to view their video; where they introduce a large thriving colony of Meat Ants into this unique design. Looks a LOT better with ants in it!

An extra large vertical-standing ytong nest, home to a colony of ‘Spider Ants’ (Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus). This nest has an increased chamber depth of 40mm (our standard ytong nests being 10mm), thus allowing plenty of room for the larger ants, such as ‘Giant Bull Ants’ and ‘Honeypot Ants’. And in the case of these Spider Ants, provides greater surface area, allowing them to comfortably perform their rather unusual habit of hanging from the ceiling like bats!

Our Acrylic ‘Mega Nest’ prototype; equipped with a foraging area in the center, and home to a mature colony of Argentine Ants (Linepithema humile), as seen in this video (click image above to play).


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